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by Byzantinefire and TheFifteenthMember

New 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III trailers at Jump Festa 2016!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - Jump Festa 2016

Square Enix unveiled a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue at Jump Festa 2016!

  • The trailer began with a new cutscene from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep, set in the Mysterious Tower. In it, Yen Sid instructs Riku, Kairi, and Mickey (interestingly, Sora is absent) to retrieve Terra, Ventus, and Aqua to complete the "seven guardians of light". Mickey reveals that he met Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. Aqua is briefly shown standing there.
  • Next, a cinematic Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, is shown. The Foretellers discuss the "Lost Page" of the Book of Prophecies, questioning whether there is a traitor amongst them. While none of the characters are seen, we take a look at the interior of a clocktower (presumably Daybreak Town), along with the Foretellers' Dive to the Heart.
  • Lastly, we see footage of cutscenes and gameplay segments from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, showing off the game's new and improved graphics.
Kingdom Hearts III - Jump Festa 2016

Kingdom Hearts III - Jump Festa 2016

At the end of the trailer, new footage from Kingdom Hearts III is shown. New information related to the game has been revealed:

  • More of the Tangled-based world, Kingdom of Corona, is explored.
  • The Mysterious Tower returns.
  • There is a new, scythe-wielding Nobody who appears in a flurry of petals. This is a likely confirmation that Nobodies will appear in the game as enemies and also raises the possibility of Marluxia returning.
  • Several new Heartless are introduced, including a flying Heartless in armor, a Red Nocturne-like enemy, and a Yellow Opera-like enemy.
  • Sora uses two Shotlock-like attack. One has him surging into enemies, bouncing off walls, and spinning around enemies, while the other fires projectiles.
  • A new Attraction Flow attack is used, where Sora, Donald, and Goofy ride a bumper car and shoot at enemies.
  • New magic is shown, including firebolt and tornado spells.
  • Sora falls in a river and is forced along the current, suggesting new environmental physics.

New world for χ

The PC browser game Kingdom Hearts χ finally has revealed the addition of a new world, Beast's Castle, based off Beauty and the Beast, with new story developments.

Utada Hikaru Return?

Back in August 2010, Japanese pop sensation Utada Hikaru, known by Kingdom Hearts fans for 'Simple and Clean' and 'Sanctuary', announced that she would be going on hiatus for an undetermined period of time in pursuit of "human activities".

Utada also revealed that she had been working on a new album during her pregnancy, indicating that her return may be on the horizon. According to Sports Hochi, Utada is aiming to release her new album next Spring, and not only will it be chock-full of big tie-ins, but one of her new songs will also be the theme for a big drama/news program starting in April.

Utada has yet to comment on this news.

Naturally, her return raises a lot of questions for the Kingdom Hearts community, most notably being the possibility of a new theme for Kingdom Hearts III. If what Sports Hochi says is confirmed to be true, do you think it's possible that she will be returning to the franchise? What if one of the big tie-ins in her album may be for the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts title?